The idea of being ‘health conscious’ has permeated into every aspect of life, so much so that it has caused collaborations across industries which cater to consumer needs. In fashion, we see designers race forward to develop fashionable sports apparel, and in turn we see the sporting industry take heed of what fashion can bring to the industry, from revolutionizing fabric, to the design of durable, aerodynamic clothes. Taking note of these developing trends, Makarizo has realized the importance of providing safe and healthy avenues for people to explore what it means to feel good on the inside, and look good on the outside. A strong salon heritage and an intimate knowledge of how to maintain healthy hair has allowed Makarizo to further explore the many possibilities available for it to continuously research and develop the best way to keep hair healthy, so that consumers can explore their own versions of beauty.

This year another celebration of the world’s biggest celebration of sports was held in Brazil. During the 2016 Olympics, Rio de Janeiro played host to athletes from around the world who competed in more than 300 events in 28 sports. As visionaries in the beauty care industry, Makarizo was inspired to combine fashion and sports for its 2016/2017 hair trend, drawing inspiration from the dynamic movements and its strong, sculpted silhouettes as well as supporting sport paraphernalia to create the Makarizo Sportiva 2016/2017 hair collection. Sportiva explores the correlation between sports and beauty, and translates it into breathtaking wearable hair art.

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