Many women wish to have straight hair.  Why? One reason is straight hair is relatively easier to take care of compared to curly or wavy hair.  Another reason is straight hair is more versatile in terms of styling.  Facial shapes aside, those with straight hair can cut or style their hair in various ways easily and their hair will hold that style.  There is one downside, though: being left as it is, straight hair may look boring. 

To add variations to straight hair, Makarizo created “Rebonding Color”, a combination of Makarizo Rebonding System and Concept Ultimax that enables clients to have straight and colored hair in just one salon session.

First, client’s hair will be analyzed by hairstylist to determine which variant of Makarizo Rebonding System products is suitable for the client’s hair.  The hair analysis is also beneficial to determine which after-care treatment should the hairstylist do to the client’s hair.  Second, the hair will go through a pre-lightening process using a mixture of Concept Ultimax Bleach Powder and Cream Developer 20 vol.  After the undertone reaches level 7 (orange-yellow), the hair will be washed thoroughly with shampoo to remove all traces of bleach then towel dried.  After that, Makarizo Rebonding System Vitamin Spray will be sprayed to the hair to supply the hair with nutrients.  Third, the straightening process will begin using Makarizo Rebonding System Step 1 Cream that is suitable to the client’s hair type.  During this step, the hair has to be constantly checked for elasticity.  After the curls have relaxed, the hair will then be smoothed gently using a comb.  After that, the hair will be washed again and dried until 70% dry.  Fourth, the hair will be flat-ironed to ‘lock in’ the new bonds of hair.  Before that, Makarizo Rebonding System Protection Spray should be sprayed first in order to protect the hair from damage caused by the heat of the flat iron.  Fifth, the hair will be divided into sections (that will be in different colors) and colored with a mixture of Concept Ultimax Cream Colorant, Cream Developer, and Milky Neutralizer.  The application time varies on how vibrant the colors are, and how well the hair absorbs the colorant.  After the colors have settled, the hair can now be washed thoroughly and then styled.  Finish with an application of Honey Dew NutrivSerum.

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