Whether you have active lifestyle or go through hectic days, don’t let your hair problems hold back your activities. Introducing a brand new multi-vitamin treatment for restoring hair’s shine and health: Makarizo Advisor Vitamax.

Makarizo Advisor Vitamax is specially formulated to hydrate scalp and prevent dry, rough, and brittle hair with its Vitamax conditioning agents. Containing vitamin A, C, and E, it protects hair against UV rays and air pollution for those who carry out outdoor activities, and prevent hair damage caused by daily hairstyling or chemical hair treatments. It comes in 3 stylish small tubes (10 ml for each one).

Apply Makarizo Advisor Vitamax onto damp hair after shampooing, and do it regularly to get your hair back to its naturally healthy look. From now on, you won’t have to worry about bad hair day anymore.

**Makarizo Advisor Vitamax is now available in selected regions in Java.

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