Fibertherapy Conditioning Shampoo With Kiwi Extract

Sizes available:

  • 10 ml sachet (0.34 fl.oz)
  • 170 ml bottle (5.75 fl.oz)
  • 330 ml bottle (11.16 fl.oz)

Makarizo Hair Energy Fibertherapy Conditioning Shampoo is a deep cleaning yet naturally gentle and indulgent formula. Enriched with Keratin Amino Acids – nutrients vital to keratin formation, the primary protein that promotes hair’s structural integrity for improved shine, health, and strength of hair. Kiwi Extract & Omega 6 from Passiflora Plant Oil are combined to purify and close the hair cuticles which are naturally opened during any chemical process thus locking in the color, making straightening or perming results last longer.

  • Ideal for chemically processed and sensitized hair.
  • Targeted benefits: hydrates hair, as an antioxidant to protect hair from free radicals.



Pour sufficient amount of shampoo onto palms and apply to wet hair. Massage into hair and scalp until it lathers. Rinse out thoroughly. Do not use nails when scrubbing the scalp to avoid injuring it.

WARNING! Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Should not be used on children under 3 years of age.


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