Gray hair comes, even when we don’t like it. Although it is identical with old age, gray hair can also appear in young age which is known better as premature graying. Apparently, we can prevent premature aging with a change of a lifestyle. As the old saying goes “prevention is better than treatment”, why not try to keep our hair color for a longer period by delaying the gray hair?

Before discussing the prevention of gray hair, we should know the factors behind premature graying. Some young people who have gray hair are apparently in the blood line of people with the same issue. In other words, genes play a role in premature graying. However, people who do not have parents with premature graying can also possess the problem. According to, the reasons are mainly stress, certain serious diseases, and also unhealthy diet which includes too much alcohol, caffeine, and is lack of nutrition.  Vitamin B deficiency is partly the reason why hair turns gray faster.

So what is the solution for premature gray hair problem? For graying related to genetic, it might not be something we can put our hands on. Nevertheless, we can do prevention in other fields, which is by reversing the factors behind this problem into our solution. For those who are under too much stress, try to be more relaxed and spend your weekend with relaxing activities. Finding suitable stress-releasing method is also recommended. Try to have a better lifestyle starting from throwing your smoking habit away. Smoking has never done any good to health from every aspect. To improve blood circulation which is good for the prevention, stop smoking right away.

The next thing you can do is by adopting healthy diet. Reduce your alcohol and caffeine intake, and turn to water instead. Keeping your body hydrated will eventually lead to healthy hair. Consume food with a lot of copper, protein, and vitamins, especially Vitamin B12 and B5. You can also use Makarizo Hair Repair Mask that contains Royal Jelly and Pro-Vitamin B5 to keep your hair smooth and healthy. The last but not least is exercise routinely and have enough sleep. Exercise keeps your body fit, while sleeping restores your energy and prevents dull appearance including hair.

If you already have some strands of gray hair, you can color your hair according to your taste and obtain a new look which flaunts your confidence. Do not let gray hair overshadow your beauty!

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