Multi Vitamin Serum

The end result after using Multi Vitamins hair serum is stronger, healthier and luxuriously shiny hair especially if the hair is coarse and thick. Vitamin A gives nutrition to the hair enabling to make it remain healthy. Vitamin C helps elastin synthesis and collagen which is ideal to restore hair elasticity. Vitamin E prevents split ends while aiding the recovery of fragile hair. Vitamin K1 aid the scalps blood circulation.
Vit A        
Gives nutrition to the root and hair shaft, to make it remain healthy
Vit C        
Help elastin synthesis and collagen which is good for hair elasticity
Vit E        
Prevent split end hair, and fixing the hair fragile
Vit K1    
Helping blood circulation. Helps absorption of other vitamins to the hair

size        110 ml (3.72 fl. oz)

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